Over the past few weeks as I prepared for future art shows, it was nice to be asked to present my work to the community through virtual studio visits. I enjoyed speaking to the Girls Scouts, and then at a later date with McNair Middle School.

Girl Scouts Artists talk – I hung some paintings on my new gallery hanging system (which I love!), and showed the girls some of my finished and unfinished work. They got to see my colorful collection of dupattas and inspirational fabrics. The girls also got a sneak peak of my new mixed media work that I am still fine tuning. I got asked lots great questions from the Girls Scouts. After talking about my self portraits, some of the girls decided to create self portraits after my talk!

Picture taken after Artists Talk with McNair School. Fabrics, jewelry and ‘Features’ series original paintings captured

McNair Middle School – I got to assist the school with a learning unit about ‘Identity’. Before my presentation, the class discussed my oil painting ‘Bahin’ which is a portrait including a traditional blue dupatta. My identity, and artwork were then revealed to the class through my virtual talk.

I also got to show them my new fabrics (see photo above), the black and gold waist jacket and matching hat arrived recently. This design is inspired by the tribal Pashtun people. They historically live along both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan boarder. I remember seeing South Asian kids wearing these on special occasions. A few weeks ago, I was describing the waist jacket and hat to my sister over the phone in  UK. Within minutes she knew what I was talking, she tracked some down and then shipped some to me here in the US …got to love big sis!

This is the first time I have presented to children, it was a great learning curve in many ways. It was also great to share my work with the community.