I have been asked many times if I can walk through the stages of creating a painting. I try to take photos each time I work on any piece. I use these images for my own learning. They help me to judge my progress, and decide what I need to do next. It’s just another way for me to look at your work when I am so involved in creating.

After learning so much from my first still life painting, I wanted to create another still life oil painting. I was keen to keep pushing myself with texture and reflections. I spent time collecting possible materials for my still life setting. Once I decided what I was going to use, I placed the objects in different settings until I was happy with one. I used a black shiny cardboard to imitate a black kitchen surface.  I found a silver kitchen tile while we were out kitchen shopping. I knew I would use it somewhere with my art! This tile was used as my background.

I have selected images below that focus on the main stages I went through while creating this painting.