I am proud to have signed a contract with the Fayetteville Underground Gallery. I am excited about this new venture and all the amazing opportunities that it will bring.  I am currently creating a new body of work that will be sold here. The 3 oil paintings shown in the slide show above will be displayed and sold at the gallery as from this First Thursday. 2 of the paintings shown above will give you a glimpse into my new body of work.

My new theme has been influenced by my cultural background. I was born, raised and lived in the UK for 30 years. I was a first generation immigrant. My parents emigrated from Pakistan in the 1970’s, and therefore my upbringing gave me a fusion of both British and Pakistani culture. My work will touch upon both the cultural influences and differences that shaped my upbringing.

Now living in Northwest Arkansas, I look forward to sharing my experiences through work I create.