I finally did it, my first ever art reception! A big thank you to everyone who came out to support me, it meant a lot to me and it turned into a very memorable evening. We had a good turn out of guests, about 100 people. I have added photo’s from the evening to the slideshow above.

It felt like I doubted whether I’d have enough pieces ready for a show, mainly because I was either working on commissions, or they sold very quickly….which is obviously great! I began to focus on getting enough pieces together.

This was my first show and it was held at Marsha Foster’s studio in Downtown Rogers. She is an amazing photographer and uses the studio to photograph her clients throughout the day. For that evening, she transformed her studio into a presentable gallery to display artwork and host a reception. I was impressed when I saw my artwork displayed on her walls. One of the rooms at her studio displayed my artwork and the other room was Angela Teeter, an artist from Rogers, AR. It was great to work alongside both very talented ladies! I learned so much throughout the process and on the reception night!

The weeks leading up this evening had been busy, a great learning curve and enjoyable. On the day of the art reception I was nervous and excited. When I dropped my artwork off a day before the reception that’s when it hit me, wow…I am really doing this!

On the big day, the first group of people arrived at 6:20pm and the evening was a big healthy, busy blur from there! From saying hello to friends I haven’t seen in awhile, meeting new people, selling my artwork, to talking about future commissions and shows. We had a very generous turn out of people for the evening. Friends, family, neighbors and people I have met in the art circles, all came out to show their support. The evening was advertised from 6:30pm-9:30pm, we had guests from 6:20pm, right the way through to 9:25pm.

Just to explain some of the photo’s in Slideshow above – The beautiful flowers were from my husband, they were delivered to me at Marsha’s studio, 2 hours before the reception while we were setting up.  I decided to have a signing in and message book at the reception, so that was placed near the flowers. It allowed people to reach out to me and I thought I could take this book to my future art events that I participate in. This will create memories that I can look back on. There is one image without any guests and just Angela, Marsha and myself. This was taken at 9:30pm, at the end of the evening when we had the chance to catch up and rest our feet after a very busy evening. This was a small selection of photo’s taken that evening. I will be organizing a photographer next time!

So, you might be wondering…..so what’s next? My answer to that right now is…to focus on more receptions, a new body of work (my head is buzzing with ideas!), I will be strengthening my skills and knowledge as always as I continue to build my art resume. There are lots of exciting things in the works!

Thank you for taking the time out to follow my journey!