The oil painting shown above, was painted last year, just before going on vacation. I immediately entered it into my very first juried art exhibition. This painting alongside another one got rejected, and yes, I was annoyed! As I imagine other artists who entered and got rejected were. Each juried show gets hundreds of entries, they are very competitive and I realize they can’t accept everything.

So this year, I picked myself up and decided to enter this painting into another juried show. I named my bowl of lemons painting ‘Reflections’. This one was an international show called ‘Colors International Juried Art Exhibition March 2017’. I entered my bowl of lemons painting 2 days before the deadline and it was accepted as one of the finalists. Fusion Art has mentioned my painting on their website & youtube (see finalist section) – you will see my bowl of lemons (Reflections) is about half way down the finalist section.

Just to be accepted into these shows is a huge deal, as only a small selection of entries do. This will also help me to build my resume and push my skills.  Each show consists of a panel of judges that are part of the art community. So, I was ‘over the moon’ when I found that I was accepted! It has given me so much motivation to keep going, building my skills, resume and art career.

The biggest lesson I learned here was: One ‘NO’ doesn’t mean anything, don’t give up, keep going and you will see results!

Read more about my process for the bowl of lemons on my blog.