Shabana Kauser creates oil paintings that are heavily influenced by her rich British and Pakistani roots. Shabana was born and lived in the UK for almost 30 years. Her parents emigrated from Pakistan in the 1970’s and settled in the South of England. Shabana is a first generation immigrant who grew up just outside of London, in a county called Surrey. Later she moved to Central London to pursue her studies and a career,  and here she achieved a BSc in Business IT and a MSc in Information Management.

10 years ago, she unexpectedly moved from London, UK, to the US and settled in Fayetteville, AR. Shabana discovered her love for creating in the US. Her art journey soon turned into a full time career. In March 2017 she formally introduced her work and enjoyed her very first Exhibit. Shabana’s art journey has been moving rapidly ever since. Her unique story and journey continue to be portrayed in her work.

Shabana has now enjoyed successful gallery Exhibits, and also National and International Juried Exhibits. Her recent notable exhibits include 21c Museum, Fort Works Art in Texas and her Solo exhibit ‘Journey’ at Argenta Gallery in Little Rock, AR. Being a self taught artist, she continues to build her knowledge. She added to her art education by attending the University of Arts London, St. Martin’s College. Press coverage includes a TV appearance on Emmy nominated TV series ‘NW Arkansas Alive’ (click here to view). She was also interviewed  by the Arkansas Times ‘Q&A: On Scarves & Sisterhood’ where she shares the inspiration behind her work. In 2018 she was nominated under the ‘favorite painter’ category in ‘The Black Apple Awards’ hosted by ‘The Idle Class Magazine’. She has appeared in a number of publications, for more details check out her press page.

Shabana is currently represented by Saatchi Art.



“Through my oil paintings, I use my Pakistani heritage and English upbringing to tell a story of change, culture, social & economical impact. My work is a recollection of memories as a first generation immigrant in the UK for almost 30 years. My figurative and still life realistic paintings, not only convey my journey but also those of generations before, after and alongside me. For example, the traditional ‘Dupatta’ (South Asian Scarf) is intertwined in my work, not only to explore vibrant fabrics and textures but also to share a story of how the textiles industry in the UK has impacted Pakistani immigrants throughout the years.

Although my style is contemporary, I also draw upon classic influences of compositions and technique. I initially begin by hand picking cultural sources, then drawing upon memories. For my figurative work I often use models that portray self confidence, challenging the viewer by taking them away from stereo typical media portrayals of South Asian women.

Often using a limited color palette, I enjoy sneaking in those reds, whites and blues into each painting. This is not only to represent the colors of the British flag but to also to acknowledge influences from my new life in the US. The realism in each painting is captured to allow the viewer to observe clear aspects of my heritage, and then to encourage a dialogue about two very different cultures.  The fusion of cultures aims to celebrate and invite the viewer into a world where outside influences are diminished, and a story is being told through the eyes of a female, first generation immigrant” – Shabana                                                                                                                            0                                                                                                                                         

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