Wow, what an evening! I was blown away by the number of people that attended and came out to support us, I could not have wished for a better night.

The evening consisted of drinks and light snacks provided by 21c Museum, this was a great opportunity to mix with guests and for them to meet artists. Then all 3 current ‘Elevate’ exhibit artist presented, talks were carried out by Hannah McBroom, Kasey Ramirez and myself. Followed by a tour of the exhibit for the audience.

Here is a quick photo of my outfit for the reception. I wore the exact jewelry that is shown in my oil painting ‘Ustad’ and the same dupatta shown in my painting ‘Bahin’. I love wearing my art props to events!

Before I presented, we were informed that to date, this is the most people that have attended an ‘Elevate’ art reception…so no pressure to talk now! The room where we presented in was packed full with all the seats taken and then with many people standing. This is music to my ears as that’s what I call an event! My PowerPoint presentation included a mixture of my work, information I wanted to share about my journey and my parent’s journey. Then I shared the inspiration behind my most recent oil paintings ‘Bahin’ and ‘Ustad’. Here are some photo’s taken by my husband and friends while I was talking….

Then we went up to the floors where our work is exhibited. My work is on the second floor and each of the other artists work is on a different floor. I managed to find a quick moment to stand back and take some photo’s of guests looking at my work, then to observe them and take some photos for my records. Then lots of photo’s taken with familiar friends and new ones.

Towards the end of the evening, all 3 current ‘Elevate’ exhibit artist posed for a photo. So from left to right, Hannah McBroom, Shabana Kauser and Kasey Ramirez….

I was also approached by the Idle Class Magazine where a quick video was made. It was very spontaneous, I had a question thrown at me and a quick response on the spot.  Video coming soon….

Video captured by The Idle Class Magazine

A huge thank you to all my supportive friends and new ones that came out last night. Also to Dayton Castleman at 21c Museum hotel in Bentonville for doing such a great job organizing this. I am proud to have my work exhibited alongside 2 strong women, Hannah McBroom and Kasey Ramirez, learning about them and there work was fascinating. I enjoyed speaking to so many familiar faces and new ones! We had so much great feedback during this evening and messages are still coming in days after. The evening went by very quickly, it was certainly a memorable one!

This exhibit will be at 21c Museum hotel in Bentonville until early Sept 2019. Ask for the ‘Elevate Exhibit’ at the front desk when visiting. For more details check out there website here